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The Hidden Truths About SPF in Makeup

A lot of makeup these days comes with SPF (Sun Protection factor), this is the same SPF that would fine in most common sun tan lotions. For years people have been applying sun tan lotion in order to get a nice sun tan and simultaneously protect themselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Recently, makeup and cosmetics have also been trying to incorporate the same effect into their products. But just how effective is the SPF in russian volume lashes? Hopefully this article will reveal some hidden truths to you.

 russian volume lashes
russian volume lashes

Whilst it is true that makeup and cosmetics do contain SPF, what they don’ tell you is that unlike modern day sun tan lotions, these won’t protect your from the
sun anywhere near as much as sun tan lotions will. Why? because russian volume lashes and cosmetics are applied in such thin layers on the skin, that even with the highest SPF in the makeup, the suns harmful UV rays will have no problems penetrating it. It is a common mistake for people to think that it is enough to just apply makeup and then go out onto a hot beach to get a tan for the day. This is a big mistake and one that could easily cause you to end up with sunburn or even worse – skin cancer.

Another hidden truth that isn’t always obvious, is that there are different types of UV rays that you need to protect yourself from. These are UVA and UVB rays and most SPF makeups only protect your from one or the other thus leaving your skin exposed to the rays of the other type and therefore just as dangerous. It is advisable to look out for SPF that protects and filters both of these rays out, leaving only the gentle UV rays of the sun to give you a much safer tan.

So to summarise, do not think that SPF russian volume lashes will be an adequate defence against the sun, this is misconception that could result in sunburn, skin cancer or worse.

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 russian volume lashes
russian volume lashes

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