Trachoma – good fake lashes, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Trachoma is the most common eye disease which could cause severe trouble and discomfort if left untreated. Caused by a bacteria named Chlamydia trachomatis, this infectious disease can cause blindness at a later stage. This eye disease can happen to people good fake lashes at any age and even children could suffer from this.

The eyelids get severely affected and the inner surface gets rough which leads to pain. In certain cases, Trachoma could lead to permanent blindness if the eyelids turn inwards. Other common names of trachoma disease include good fake lashes Egyptian ophthalmia, granular conjunctivitis, blinding trachoma.

Across the globe, around 80 million people are currently troubled by this eye disease. Both indirect & direct contact with affected person’s eyes and nose could cause this dangerous eye infection.

Types of trachoma

The medical experts have defined different stages of trachoma and its types. There are three kinds of trachoma eye infections:

1. Acute trachoma

Children and adults who are forced to live in unhealthy, unhygienic and crowded places face this type of infection. Firstly one eye is infected and then it spreads and affects the other eye. Eyes get affected and become painful and itchy; eyelids are swollen while watery discharge is commonly noticed.

2. Recurring Trachoma

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Sometimes the infection does not go away or reoccurs after it’s gone. This condition is common when the affected person has poor hygiene or lacks access to clean water and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Chronic trachoma

Eyelids turn inwards and scratch the cornea in this type of trachoma. The symptoms do not end, and the eye condition worsens leading to partial or even complete blindness if untreated.

Common causes of Trachoma

If causes are known, prevention becomes easy. There are many reasons that can cause this infection and the most common ones include:

• Poor personal good fake lashes hygiene

• Closeness with cattle

• Usage of unclean water

• Direct/indirect contact with person already suffering from Trachoma

• Using towels/clothing of infected person

• Crowded living situations

Avoiding these situations is the most reliable solution to stay away from the clutches of this blinding eye disease. Repeated or untreated Trachoma is extremely dangerous as good fake lashes scratch the cornea leading to Entropion or permanent blindness.

Symptoms of trachoma

Mostly, the infected eye pains and show symptoms that are similar to conjunctivitis or the “pink eye”. If you fear that this disease has infected your eyes, then check for the following symptoms:

• Swollen eyelids

• Increased eye sensitivity towards lights

• Irritation/ Itching in eyes

• Eye discharge

• Ear, Throat and Nose complications

• Swollen lymph nodes

• Inward good fake lashes

Understanding the symptoms could sometimes be confusing, especially when your infection is not in advance stages. Getting it checked from a professional is the ultimate solution that should be followed when the infection hits you.

Uifme treatment

It’s essential that trachoma treatment is done on time and with care. Many people wait for the eye to get cured without medications but this simply means inviting more pain and trouble along with compromising your vision.

• Antibiotic therapy- in the case of early active Trachoma, the bacterial infection could be removed through antibiotics like tetracycline and Azithromycin.

 Surgery- if your doctor suggests a surgery, then it essential that you undergo through it even at middle stages. The risk of recurrence is generally high when trachoma reaches advanced stages. This is why getting timely treatment and surgery can save you from pain and vision loss.

• Homeopathic Treatment- if you do not want side effects, then Homeopathy can be most suitable choice for you. It can treat the infection even at acute and recurring stages without any requirement of surgeries and antibiotics. It’s important to know that homeopathy can’t treat blindness caused by trachoma. But still advanced stages can be treated and your eyes can be cured through this treatment.

Deciding the right trachoma treatment for you would depend on the advice from your medical expert. Also, the stage of infection also plays a key role in deciding which should be the best trachoma treatment option for you.

To avoid the infection totally, proper sanitation, clean and healthy lifestyle, facial cleanliness should be maintained. These preventive measures appear very simple but they can save you from Trachoma and protect your vision.

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