Amongst All the Four Seasons

Amongst all the four seasons, winter has to be the season where you can dress up in true ‘chic’ colors and fashion. You have to survive the harsh cold weather so from head gears to coats, scarves and even socks, there is always case mink strip lashes new to keep you fashionably warm.

After the Palestinian scarves worn around the neck, if you really want to stand out in the crowd, wear a snood. Typically, worn way back in history and became popular again during the Second World War. It covers your head like a scarf as well as keeping the neck warm and falls around the neckline prettily. Top fashion designers like Burberry and Missoni have come out with some and this trend will definitely catch up. Snood can be worn over a jacket or coat and even casually over a dress. However, don’t go over the top and buy pastel colored ones, instead go for earthy toned ones. This is one winter accessory that cannot be missed!

case mink strip lashes
case mink strip lashes

Uifme and jackets are the essential basics of winter, without which your wardrobe is just not as glamorous and of course, the cold weather does not allow you to roam without a jacket or coat. Black coat is a no-no this winter, venture into different shades this time like checked, striped or even animal printed ones. As far as color is concerned, if you’re the adventurous type go for a bright red or pink one, won’t hurt in winter ’10 because it’s all about standing out!

A sigh of relief for all those women who loved the come-back of skinny jeans -they are not going anywhere this winter and it seems like they’re here for some time at least. Thank God for that because they look absolutely gorgeous with the long and chunky sweaters that are in these days. Pair your skinny jeans with sexy leather or suede boots or if you want to go for the glamorous look wear a pair of pump stilettos.

Talking about shoes, this winter thigh-high boots are all the rage. Wear them with a short dress, let your hair down and you’re all set to warm up a party! Boots look hot with skinny jeans and if you’re working in an office then you should definitely go for the high-heeled pump case mink strip lashes.

This season we’re seeing a lot of burgundy and soft brown make-up on the runways with red or wine colored lips. The ‘barely-there’ look is also pretty and will work this winter, however the frosty eyes and cheeks are out so don’t venture into that style, it’s very last season. Focus on the eyes -smoky eyes are still the hottest make-up trend, instead of a lot of black try mixing it up with brown, a lot of eyeliner and even fake case mink strip lashes! Oh, and another thing match your nail colors with your eye-shades!

Remember, to keep real good care of your skin in winters! Keep it moisturized and don’t forget sun block, especially if you live in places where it can get cold yet sunny. Enjoy winters geared up in your ‘Revival of the 90s’ fashion (well, almost!).

case mink strip lashes
case mink strip lashes

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