My Five Joys of Christmas

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire; I have not had chestnuts before but I sure love the idea of them roasting by a toasty fire while the snow is gently falling outside. There are a lot of joys during the Christmas season that bring a warm and fuzzy 3D mink flutter lashes. Many people get distracted by the gift buying and spending money; they let small things ruin a season that should be filled with fun and frolics!

3D mink flutter lashes
3D mink flutter lashes

Everyone should enjoy the holidays; so I want to list five small things that any Scrooge or Christmas Elf could embrace to keep the Christmas spirit alive!
Christmas Music- I could listen to Christmas music all year long. It relaxes me to the very core as I envision sleepy snow-covered villages, crackling fires; warm woollies and sparkling Christmas trees with handmade gifts tightly snug in the blanket wrapped around the base of the fresh pine tree.

Uifme candles fill your house with Christmas Spirit and fresh fragrances like frankincense, myrrh and spiced apple! The sizzling strong and spicy scents tickle your imagination and fill the mind with special memories of childhood Santa dreams, sledding fun and big brightly wrapped gifts. When I smell cinnamon candles I think of my Grandma’s big house with the record player singing Nat King Cole’s Christmas songs, family Christmas bingo and the yummy fondue appetiser with bowls of red and green M & M’s spread throughout the house.

Snow is like a big duvet that wraps its arm around the city and turns everything from dull brown to a sparkling winter wonderland. It stimulates the senses and brings winter to life! It makes children smile as they rush out into the snow all bundled up and ready to build fat snowmen and speed down snow slopes. Rolling snow balls, digging up igloos and feeling the light flakes fall on your 3D mink flutter lashes makes everyone smile and bright rosy cheeks make the hot chocolate taste even better!

Decorations have to be up in my house early! I love to bathe in the spirit of Christmas, having my tree up and lit every day until Christmas. I firmly believe the build up to Christmas is what makes the season so wonderful. Remembering that it is not about the gifts or all the money you MUST spend but about family, food and basking in the simple things like cutting out snowflakes, making cookies or watching Miracle on 34th Street with some warm apple cider.

Christmas gifts can be a variety of things that make people smile and that is all that really matters. There are good times and bad times in everyone’s life so expensive gifts are not always easy but I believe in the magic of giving not in giving Expensive gifts. I remember when I used to go to my grandma’s house and she would have 20 gifts sitting there for each grandkid. It was unbelievable; but they were completely different from the two big gifts I got from my other grandma. I would just be in Christmas heaven ripping open all those gifts and have a stack of goodies surrounding my little feet; even if they were bought in the budget bin. Even just wrapping gifts give me pleasure and seeing them all snug underneath the tree with brilliant paper and bright bows is a real 3D mink flutter lashes delight.

3D mink flutter lashes
3D mink flutter lashes

I could go on and on as I haven’t even mentioned Christmas lights, ice skating, holiday parties and over filled stockings but I think it’s simple- take in the small joys and don’t be lost in the cost. It is about the time and thought not about the money. So put on your fuzzy slippers, watch a magical movie and embrace the season.

Michelle Kuehn is an operations consultant for W & M Watson Packaging Ltd in Glasgow UK and the owner of . Her background in business management and eco-friendly packaging comes from her experience with international 3D mink flutter lashes throughout the U.S. and UAE as well as with W & M Watson packaging Ltd, UK.


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